Sunday, March 22, 2009

into the woods

town for Girl Scouts! (It's cookie season. Make sure you buy a box and support your troops!)

We had different groups of daisies and brownies who we would take around outdoors so they could start building up anticipation for overnight camp! We learned to cook over a campfire, how to start a fire (with lint and egg cartons), outdoor safety tips, and of course take hiking trips into the local state park.

Yes, I led a group of eight, 6-year old girls into the woods....what a crazy idea. Thankfully, I still had a fairly decent repertoire of camp fire songs to get us to the creek. As we marched on the trial they'd follow along with the Rickabamboo song....and I would make crazy motions. During this time I must have stepped in a nest because when I got home I was covered.

not with poison ivy
not with poison oak

but with


that's right. Ticks. Crawling, bloodsucking, faceless , merciless ticks.

Fortunately, most of them were only baby seed ticks. These kind of ticks do not require tweezers to pull out, but rather some form of strong tape. I prefer packing tape. It's clear, and holds well, but doesn't get all over the place when trying to tear off. Don't think I got away that easily because there were definitely some momma ticks in places that are too inappropriate to mention for a blog.

I stood in the bathroom crying in sheer terror. Having just learned of the diseases ticks can spread I cried my eyes out. My mom, being so patient and kind, took off every tick with tape and tweezers. She held my hand as I stood there shaking, and crying, naked. She made a call to my aunt. (Short bus' nanny) Who was an expert Girl Scout camper. We continued to peel, and of course in the most disgusting way, save.

*note* You do want to save your ticks for a couple of months in case you do get sick. Doctors can test the tick and you for lime disease or whatever infection you may have.

By the end of this traumatizing moment we had counted 144 ticks. 144!!!!!

Do you know how many that is in the world of a 13 year old girl who was going to be a cheerleader?

I had recently discovered two piece swimsuits, and was ashamed to show myself at the pool. I laid awake for hours at night trying not to itch. Crying in the night my mom would come into my room and sleep on my trundle just to keep me company.

It took a long time for those tick bites to go away, and the memory of those ticks will forever be in my mind.

If you're wondering about any possible Psychological effects, only one:

Massive use of bug spray whenever out in the woods. I am personally responsible for destroying the ozone.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Invariable Frustration:

Life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long....BULL.

Life is a roller coaster where I am screaming my head off in total fear and laughing in total hysteria.

As I go up the roller coaster in pure joy and excitement...probably questioning the person who dragged me on it why it was a good idea...I have no clue what the fall before me is going to look like. I am excited, I am shaking, I am suppressing the inner panic attack that wants to take over my body...

The coaster plunges down...and I am screaming my head off as if I am running away from a monster in the darkness. Wishing I was not such a Pansie trying to keep my eyes open...even if it is just through little slivers. Finally, the roller coaster must go up, and I have a brief moment of relief, but that is only until the coaster


I am upside down, hair dangling, toes curled. Head jostled left. Head hit right.

It's jarring at this point the exhilaration is gone, and pain has taken over. Then one last up, and finally an easy down.

I hop off the ride. Heart is pounding, and my smile is huge (as long as I am not feeling queezie) Thinking I can do it again.

Frustration in verse:

The fighter enters the arena
Crowds roaring, lights flashing.
Head focused, in the game ready to win.

Fighter shakes opponents hands
Looks him right in the eye
Head focused, in the game ready to win.

Bell Sounds
Gloves up, punch taken
Head focused, in the game ready to win.

Bloody face - hands hard - breathing shallow
Not letting down
Head focused, in the game ready to win.

Bloody face - hands hard - breathing shallow
Not letting down
Head focused, in the game ready to win.

Bloody face - hands hard - breathing shallow
Not letting down
Head focused, in the game ready to win.

Bloody face - hands hard - breathing shallow
Not letting down
Head focused, in the game ready to win.

A song already written:

The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today, February 24 I am committing to life.

For the last few weeks I have been wading throug life just letting it happen. It's not a funk, but just an accute UNawarness of what needs to happen, and what I need to do to make it happen!

To you bloggers who have been following...Thanks for hanging in there...

Just to catch you up:

In the last three weeks I have moved from an Apt. to an AWESOME house with crazy roommates. It's going to be fun!

Ive established myself a boyfriend of sorts...more to come later...

Ive been working my butt off...50 hour weeks for 40 hours of pay, LOVING my job, and trying to establish friendships and culitvate relationships.

Ive been written up by the region for a financial boo boo I made...

Hoping that I haven't lost you all!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is my 25 things. I want to know yours!!!

This was done on Facebook, and realizing that I have TOTALLY neglected my blog (this is why I don't have kids, a pet, or a boyfriend yet) I needed to tend to it. But this is some fun things to think about. My goal is maybe to go more in depth on 10 of them!

Thanks for hanging in there bloggers I hope you didn't forget me!

1. I am totally obsessed with using exclamation marks. This tends to make my emails look unprofessional, but I just get so excited. I truly think it is important to use a variety of punctuation so that the message is not lost. Right? Right! TOTALLY!!!!!

2. Moving to California was the craziest thing Ive done, yet. (there are some other things like jumping off roofs, but that's a story for another time.) I miss my family dearly. The closest close relative to me now is 1800 miles away. Apparently, there are some distant cousins in the area... but Cali is HUGE.

3. My brother is for sure my number one person in the world....I even made him my beneficiary if I die...knock on wood nothing happens, but I want my good hard earned money to go to him! (Till I am married then J-Bone and I will have to talk.

4. Speaking of J-Bone I have been blessed with over TEN nicknames in my life. To my family I am boo, Katie Boo, Booskers...and any rendition of those words combined. In elementary school my dear friends called me Gummy because of my large smile (which I do all the time) But, when I was younger my teeth were tiny and my gums were HUGE...thus the name least it wasn't turd Ashley! Finally, in ninth grade the downpour of names began. First there was steemer as in the Carpet cleaner. That went to steamy, to steam roller, to roller, to rolly polly, and finally to rolly. That's right in high school I had six nicknames alone. I also answer to Stanley and K-Stan...and Stanz....who would've thought one girl so many names??!

5. I am totally doing this at work while I have my lunch

6. If I were to have a sister she would be Sarah's insane. There is truly no explanation of how and why we stayed so close over the years because time, distance, and the outside world did many things trying to tear us apart, yet I can still say the day that I get married, sick, have a baby, save the world she will be there.

7. I want to have a marriage like my mom and dad. They are getting close to FORTY years together. (even though they almost divorced a year into) They still love each other, and I pray for that kind of love in my life. Way to go Mom and Dad!

8. I practice my Oscar winning speech in the mirror at least once a week. This will probably never happen, but I can sure think it will....I am dreamer...right Krone?! I also think that my 5'2" self could be a Victoria's secret model and marry kenny chesney. (This dreaming thing runs in the family whoever is practical gets really tired of my families big ideas most of which never happen)

9. In 2005 I started having really bad anxiety attacks...i still get them, but with the support of my family and friends I am much better, and am not afraid to go over bridges anymore. (Yeah, I was)

10. Because of an awesome organization Ive met the French Ambassador (who Sarah totally has a chance with :) the first lady, and have traveled the country with my best friends for multiple summers. Kevin you're doing an awesome job I pinkey promise.

11. There's this crazy girl named Krone who is my soul mate...again no explanation just is.

12. My best friends in elementary school are still my best friends! (we grew up in the neighborhood together, and we still see each other when we can...but they are all doing awesome things, and we are all separated from Miami to Cali to Texas to K.C. These people are amazing and I love them dearly)

13. My favorite holiday is XMAS if you are scrooge I will do anything to unscrooge you. My Dad's side of the family gets together, and we celebrate all day long. My cousin and aunt are amazing cooks, and I am truly stuffed by the end of the night.)

14. Baking is a favorite past time of mine, but I don't enjoy eating what I've's awful. After much analyzing of why this is I think it's because I snack on all the parts as I go so by the time I'm done I'm sick of the ingredients.

15. Starbucks in Colorado is one of my favorite places to go with one of my other dearest friends... I'm pretty sure we would've never survived our time together without the fresh scent of coffee.

16. Due to circumstances that I no longer can control I don't think I will be able to be president of the united states, but I still would love to be a speech writer.

17. I have a million and one boy/man crushes. From younger guys to silver foxes, and any flavor in between. It's fun, but finding that one true love is a little more difficult with this kind of mentality.

18. Patience is not a virtue I was given. I am very spontaneous, and I make decisions too quickly. Sometimes to my favor and sometimes to my extreme detriment.

19. I know there are a million and one spelling mistakes in this, but I am on my lunch break and am typing quickly.

20. Tiffany Blue/Green is my new favorite color, but I will always have a passion for pink!

21. I am terrified of my mortality. Except for the notion that I do believe there is a higher power, and I believe heaven is where my family and friends are all joining together and watchin over all of us.

22. My Grandmother Pee-pie.. (elizabeth) is channeling me. She was a sparkle obsessed classy lady who I wish I had longer with.

23. If my grandpa were alive he would think I've turned into a spoiled brat, but I think he would still love me. (I head the perfect head...and I'm pretty sure I was the favorite grand kid) He and I would feed the fish in his catfish pond, and he, my mom, and I would stroll through the tomato garden and then would talk. He had large pile of rocks to do some landscaping, but because I loved playing in them so much he didn't get rid of them.

24. I remember the tiniest things about people, and will tell them. That's when it gets awkward, and they ask how did you know that? (as if I am a stalker!)

25. It took me 20 years to truly love myself. I went through some really rough periods making not so great decisions, but if you ask me today who is awesome I will totally tell you I AM!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bloody Dinner - (Hoping that I don't come off to much of a princess)

This post comes about as a major question: How to avoid princess tendencies, and when is it okay to be princess brat?)

Last night some friends of mine were at Chile's enjoying midiocer chain fake Mexican food. Although I will give props to their fabulous mango margaritas! We were enjoying ourselves at the bar, and as it is one of six restaurants in this tiny armpit hole I live in California it was rather busy, finally we get to sit down and order dinner.

Sharing the classic fajitas with a friend everyone orders tasty middle of the road America. When for some reason one of the dudes sitting across from decides to share this story,

"So, when I woke up this morning, my nose (which he has just had surgery on) was filled with blood."

Exact story. Period. There was nothing to that. What makes this even worse is that my steak was rather pink (which I enjoy just don't talk about anything nasty while I am devouring my meat).

I thought I was going to be sick. I excused myself to the restroom. No big deal. Maybe to vomit. Maybe to walk away without stabbing this guy in the arm...not really sure...

But in all of this I'm thinking, "Am I being a brat?" "Am I dramatizing this situation too much?" And this leads me to my next question,

"Where's the line?"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a Try

This blog is coming about from support from a HeatherPride (check her out at viewfromtheshortbus). She is my support, and cheerleader for crazy things, but more importantly if she's going to do something crazy she likes to have a team to join her.

So here I am. This is just a first entry. Please don't judge.

Maybe this will lead to my creative outlet that I've been searching for, or maybe it will be a book, or it could possibly become a failed attempt to reach out with creativity and wit. Whatever happens to this blog I promise that I will try with all my heart to nurture it, and let it grow.

Things to know about me before you truly invest your time into this blog:
1) I have recently become Cali by way of Midwest. Saying "Hi" to people on the street is a regular activity for me.

2) My spelling is atrocious! (I don't even know if that is correct). And with that in mind my grammar is not perfect either.

3) Sometimes I spend a little more time worrying about other people than I do myself. (This becomes evident when I have knocked a couple back. The last time I got upset I was explaining to someone how a good friend of mine lost a scholarship, and they, the listening drunk friend, just did not care enough for me. Thus making me lose it just a little bit)

4) Family and friends are truly the most important things to me. If they are doing well I am nothing but extremely excited.

5) I get excited about EVERYTHING.

These are just tidbits into this bloggers life. Trying to establish a report out there. I will be back with more adventerous tales.

But for now, thanks for tuning in.