Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a Try

This blog is coming about from support from a HeatherPride (check her out at viewfromtheshortbus). She is my support, and cheerleader for crazy things, but more importantly if she's going to do something crazy she likes to have a team to join her.

So here I am. This is just a first entry. Please don't judge.

Maybe this will lead to my creative outlet that I've been searching for, or maybe it will be a book, or it could possibly become a failed attempt to reach out with creativity and wit. Whatever happens to this blog I promise that I will try with all my heart to nurture it, and let it grow.

Things to know about me before you truly invest your time into this blog:
1) I have recently become Cali by way of Midwest. Saying "Hi" to people on the street is a regular activity for me.

2) My spelling is atrocious! (I don't even know if that is correct). And with that in mind my grammar is not perfect either.

3) Sometimes I spend a little more time worrying about other people than I do myself. (This becomes evident when I have knocked a couple back. The last time I got upset I was explaining to someone how a good friend of mine lost a scholarship, and they, the listening drunk friend, just did not care enough for me. Thus making me lose it just a little bit)

4) Family and friends are truly the most important things to me. If they are doing well I am nothing but extremely excited.

5) I get excited about EVERYTHING.

These are just tidbits into this bloggers life. Trying to establish a report out there. I will be back with more adventerous tales.

But for now, thanks for tuning in.


  1. Am I first? I'm FIRST!!! FIRST!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA - take that Jason! Not that you ever come by and comment on my site anyway!!


    OK, I'm off to read now.... MWAH, lil cuz!

  2. Oh Katie, you just don't know how proud of you I am that you are following in your old, I mean big, cousin's footsteps and running off to California and now starting a blog!!!! I am so excited to keep track of you from afar. Don't give up! Hang in there!! Much love, sister!

  3. Blogger at my first comment!!
    Anyways, I know how proud Heather is of you. And I take her opinion highly... she's one of my favorite people. I am so looking forward to reading about your adventures!! I can't imagine people not returning your "Hi" on the street!!

  4. Also, I just added you to my blogroll. Usually I have to know someone for a long time before I.....oh wait, I've known you since the day you were born!! Heh.

  5. Hello from a fellow Californian!

  6. I am soooo excitied to know someone else who can not spell!!!!!!
    Sorry, but I am going to enough it!!!
    hee hee.
    Only for the short bus will I add another peep to my way-too-long blog roll!

  7. Welcome to the bloggy world, Katie! Sounds like you are off to a great start in CA (at least that's what HeatherPride tells us!)

    Best of luck and can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  8. Welcome to the blogosphere Katie. I hope you adventure in California is a happy one. Congrats on the life change.

  9. *yawn* *stretch* Uhm.... where the heck am I? Last thing I remember I was sitting on The Short Bus gazing out the window.

    Cali?!? Aww crud!! I missed my stop!!
    Heather???? Heather!!! Come back!!!

    *sigh* Guess she's not coming back. Oh wait, what happens if I click this "Follow" button....? *click*

  10. Hey Katie, my good friend Heatherpride sent me your way, welcome to blogworld. Don't feel alone, I think a lot of us bloggers can't spell, thank goodness for spellcheck!! Have fun in Cali, I wish I was there too.

  11. So, the Short Bus stops here, eh? Welcome to the blogosphere, Katie! Hope you find your way in Cali as well as your voice in here. Good luck over there!

  12. Katie, I get excited about EVERYTHING too. For realsies! Yay. And any gal of Heather's is a gal of mine! Heather's good people. I heart her. I'll do anything she tells me to. Honestly.

  13. Hi Katie, Heather sent me your way... good to meet you! Good luck in CA, I'm so excited for you!

  14. see... all those people up there?? yeah ... i was on that bus too!
    welcome to the blogging world!
    enjoy it ... and especially (try to) enjoy your new zip code. it's hard to be away from family and friends ... but also really good to step away and find more of yourself.
    good luck!

  15. Welcome to our crazy world! I'm a friend of Heathers...her post on you was too cute. :)

    You will love blogging, it's a great outlet!

  16. Welcome to the bloggosphere! I've been reading ShortBus for a while now. Heather seems like one awesome relative! Good luck with all your californian adventures :)